Many players are looking forward to “Betso88 Online Slots”. After the invitation to EndGame to senior players, let’s talk about “Betso88 Online Slots”. A few days ago, Blizzard invited the media to play the prologue and the first chapter of the game. , the character level can reach up to level 25.

Of course, there must be a gap between the trial version and the marketed version, so please forgive me if some settings mentioned in this article are slightly adjusted in the official version. This time we will put the personal experience edited after playing at the end of the article.

Betso88 Online Slots is the masterpiece that powered by Blizzard

The scene is very new, Betso88 introduces a new art design style

Let’s talk about this map first. This map uses a large seamless map. The map is supplemented by dungeons, small cellars, random events, stronghold battles, etc. In addition, this test has not yet opened horseback riding and requires multiple people to crusade World Boss, so these two parts will be skipped and not discussed.

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Betso88 Online Slots is the masterpiece that powered by Blizzard

In the whole scene design, it still shows the loneliness of Shengxiu Yarui. The villagers all over the country still look poor, and they need your rescue everywhere. The wild is also full of creatures, monsters, ghosts, and demons.

Veteran players will definitely empathize with these monsters, including the second generation of the Sinking Demon family, the third generation of Fatty who will explode when they die, and the old skeleton archer who sneaks up from outside the screen, and the Treasure Goblin who runs around , “Very many” guys known to Diablo players have reappeared with new looks.

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The actual play process will be like this. After the prologue is over, you will follow the main quest to the main town. You can receive new main quests and side quests in the town. Then when you go to these quest goals, you will gradually open various maps and encounter events along the way. , Some dungeon entrances, at this time it is easy to think that good rewards will be sucked in (?), and some tasks require you to enter the dungeon directly. Therefore, although the main task itself is not too many and long, it will continue to be upgraded because of these goals.

And the entire new map of Betso88 Online Slots adopts a dynamic level mechanism, so there is no problem of high-level abuse of food, or being abused by high-level monsters, except for stronghold battles and world bosses that need to be branded, it may only be your problem.

The number of dungeons exceeds the mission objectives given by the main and branch missions. The design of the dungeon has a clear final boss, which is mostly similar to the concept of exploring in it, finding the location of the boss room and its key, and the rewards of the boss will be Timed reset, so this part alone is already a content that can be repeated.

The small cellar can be regarded as a small boss room. Most of the events can be completed in about 1 to 3 minutes. It is nothing more than stepping on the mechanism and killing all the monsters that can be seen to receive rewards. It is a bit similar to the map branch line of “Diablo 3”, due to the high probability of dropping treasures It is generally used for fighting monsters, so it is usually solved when passing by.

As for the stronghold battle, it is speculated that it is a one-time plot, that is, there will be a special level event somewhere on the map, usually a series of mechanisms with the last big boss, this part will be more difficult for single players, it is best to take it easy Have a team of 3 to 4 people. Some places can be directly converted into villages and towns after winning the battle.

Return to the dark and bloody style! Excellent sense of attack, open world exploration and treasure hunting have surprises – Betso88 says

The “Betso88 Online Slots” series of games has grown up with everyone. It has been more than 25 years since the first generation. During this long period of time, the world of video games has ushered in earth-shaking changes. From the rising era of massively multiplayer online games to the current era of mobile games, there are different mainstream popular game types in each era that are favored by players at that time. Turn-based role-playing/strategy warfare in the 1990s Chess games, MMORPGs in the 2000s, and the MOBA wave since the 10s, and new types of online casinos like “Betso88 Online Slots” have never been the hottest in the history of human gambling game development, with the most players It is a type of game, but there will always be a group of diehard players who invest a considerable amount of game time and enthusiasm in this type of game, enjoying the thrill of killing monsters and the fun of random treasure hunting.

Story, perhaps worth the wait

In terms of story, the first chapter basically focuses on finding the best bonus combination. The detailed plot will not be disclosed here, but it can be said that some plots are well written, and it is quite shocking to see “Heidegger, save me” for the first time in the third generation. And this time, compared with the 2nd and 3rd generations, it is obviously more open-handed in the performance of bloody elements. This part really wants to see the follow-up development. The games of Betso88 Casino are really becoming more and more attractive. During the player’s playing process, timely plots not only give players the fun of winning money, but also provide immersive experience.

Roles, Classes and Skills

This media experience does not open all occupations, only Barbarian, Rogue and Mystic. First of all, in terms of character creation, some limited customization is given this time, including hairstyle, hair color, eyebrow shape, pupil color, skin color, accessories, makeup, etc., but it is a pity that the face shape and facial features can only be fixed from a few Template to choose. These templates are all European and American aesthetics. If you look at the Asian aesthetics, don’t expect too much.

The advantage of this is that the character will not deviate too much from the game style. This time the player’s character is a real 3D module, so many screen transitions directly use the player character module to replace the animation, although this technology has been used in other games. Nothing new, but a first for the Betso88 Online Slots series.

This time each profession not only has its own energy system, but also has a very powerful ability after solving professional tasks. For example, barbarians can equip multiple weapons and set matching skills, and thieves can open one after solving professional tasks. Similar to the “Gameape Online Casino” slot machine Jackpot combo system, and the occultist can enchant spells.

The skill system is a combination of the second generation and the third generation. The skill tree of each profession is roughly classified according to the positions of the six hotkeys. For a mystic, the main skill of the left button is the basic ice bomb, fire bomb, arc, etc., and players can indeed click a little of each, but in the case of limited points and hotkey slots, they should Most of them will choose to strengthen one to full.

The initial cost of buying free spins is very small, only a little money is needed, and you don’t even need to go back to the city, so even if your genre encounters some unsuitable situations, you can immediately reshuffle (for example, the field control flow meets the immune field control player. Wang), but according to the interview, the price of washing points in the later stage may not be so easy.

In addition to the change of legendary equipment this time, it is estimated that the future development of players will be based on strengthening a certain skill with equipment as the backbone, extending a whole set of upgrade strategies, which will be more similar to PG’s “Medusa”.

Betso88 Online Slots conclusions

After this trial play, we can already see Betso88’s design and ideas for this game. As the title says, “Betso88 Online Slots” is a game with a good atmosphere but lack of innovation.

Another 10 years have passed since Jili’s “Super Ace” was released. It can be seen that many of the improvements in “Betso88 Online Slots” this time are related to the “Betso88 Online Slots” series itself, but looking at the entire game, many places It’s already something that other games have already done, or even better. Custom mods are an example.

In “Betso88 Online Slots”, I really saw that the game has absorbed the advantages of the first three generations, deducted some obviously unfinished parts of the beta version, and there is nothing wrong with the overall gameplay. It can be felt that it is a mature game. work. But I can’t see the progress that a new “generation” should have besides the picture and special effects.

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Some of the assets in the game are the assets accumulated by Betso88 over the years, such as the dynamic level mechanism, the transformed skill system, and the continuously accumulated equipment affix system. There are also some new gadgets, such as the power code, or the design of the conquest battle to liberate the town. But to be honest, these did not change the essence of the game too much, it was more like pondering some branches and details in terms of playability.

The “Betso88 Online Slots” series can be said to be synonymous with the new generation of online slot machine games with a 45-degree viewing angle. Most of the games of the same type are called “Slot machine like”. For such a representative game series, I have to say, the editor In my heart, the standards that the fourth generation should have are indeed relatively high.